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Drug and Substance Abuse

Addiction to drug and substance abuse presents one of the greatest challenges especially in regard to rehabilitation. This is the challenge that has been explored widely in the vignettes. The first case presents that case of Lori whose life has been wrecked by a chronic addiction to methamphetamine. Her case of how she got addicted to the drugs presents one of the many ways in which many youths get addicted to the drugs in the globe today. She was initiated and influenced to use the drug by her parent. This poses a great challenge as the parent who is supposed to protect her is the one who supplied the drugs to her; an act of negligence and ignorance in parenting. This poses a great challenge to the highly vulnerable children of young age as they are constantly exposed to challenges of neglect.

The consequences of the usage of the drugs in her life were detrimental as she stopped her education prematurely. Engaging in drug abuse plunges one into a series of failures and subsequent problems in ones’ life where such behavioral engagements as premature sex, prostitution and poor dietary inconsistencies greatly deter one from advancing their lives; often culminating to detention in juveniles and admission to psychiatrics for advanced care.
As explained by Josephina Sanchez, one of the psychiatric nurses, the field of psychiatric nursing requires the stringent policies that back the processes as well as offering a platform for the rehabilitation of the addicts of drug abuse. As observed in the Jenny’s cases, most policies across the globe do not observe flexibility as should be the case. Most mental health clinics do not uphold helping people who are drug addicts unless they are fully rehabilitated and made to quit the addiction. This presents a challenge in cases where the addicts have to be helped to quit the addiction first. This policy is a major hindrance to the proper rehabilitation and provision of moral support to patients that have addiction problems.

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