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Decision Tree Analysis

As per the given demand scenarios, the demand can be 25,000 (D1), 60,000 (D2) or 100,000 (D3) with probabilities 0.30 (P1), 0.40 (P2) and 0.30 (P3) respectively. For each of the demand scenarios the Artek Manufacturing can exercise any of the two manufacturing capacity options and therefore the expected value of the manufacturing cost will vary as per the chosen capacity option and the uncertain demand scenario. The above situation can be represented by the following decision tree.

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The value for ‘option1,’ with the first demand scenario D1 is: $ 550,000 which has the probability 0.30 to occur and so on. Analyzing the above decision tree, the value of uncertain outcomes (the nodes) can be obtained by multiplying the value of the outcomes by their probability. The total for that node of the tree is the total of these values.
Therefore, the total expected cost associated with Option 1 is given as:
0.30 (550,000) + 0.40 (620,000) + 0.30 (700,000) = 165,000+ 248,000+ 210,000 =$ 623,000
The total expected cost associated with capacity option 2 is given as:
0.30 (350,000) + 0.40 (700,000) + 0.30 (1,100,000) = 105,000+ 280,000+ 330,000 =$ 715,000
Hence, comparing the expected costs for the two capacity options it is ascertained that the expected cost for the first capacity option is lesser than the second one or the first option would be preferred owing to its less cost.

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Drug and Substance Abuse

Addiction to drug and substance abuse presents one of the greatest challenges especially in regard to rehabilitation. This is the challenge that has been explored widely in the vignettes. The first case presents that case of Lori whose life has been wrecked by a chronic addiction to methamphetamine. Her case of how she got addicted to the drugs presents one of the many ways in which many youths get addicted to the drugs in the globe today. She was initiated and influenced to use the drug by her parent. This poses a great challenge as the parent who is supposed to protect her is the one who supplied the drugs to her; an act of negligence and ignorance in parenting. This poses a great challenge to the highly vulnerable children of young age as they are constantly exposed to challenges of neglect.

The consequences of the usage of the drugs in her life were detrimental as she stopped her education prematurely. Engaging in drug abuse plunges one into a series of failures and subsequent problems in ones’ life where such behavioral engagements as premature sex, prostitution and poor dietary inconsistencies greatly deter one from advancing their lives; often culminating to detention in juveniles and admission to psychiatrics for advanced care.
As explained by Josephina Sanchez, one of the psychiatric nurses, the field of psychiatric nursing requires the stringent policies that back the processes as well as offering a platform for the rehabilitation of the addicts of drug abuse. As observed in the Jenny’s cases, most policies across the globe do not observe flexibility as should be the case. Most mental health clinics do not uphold helping people who are drug addicts unless they are fully rehabilitated and made to quit the addiction. This presents a challenge in cases where the addicts have to be helped to quit the addiction first. This policy is a major hindrance to the proper rehabilitation and provision of moral support to patients that have addiction problems.

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On computers, to express a number in scientific notation you use the letter “E” instead of the “x 10”. The “E” stands for “…times 10 to the…” . Therefore, the number 920,000 would be written as 9.2E5 which is the way a computer interprets 9.2 x 105.
(a) The average density of the earth is 5520 kg/m3. Express this in scientific notation. (Remember to use the E notation. Do not round. Do not write any zeros after the 2.)
(b) The average radius of the earth is 6.4 x 106 m. Expand this number by writing it without using scientific notation. Do not include commas.

(c) The average distance of the center of the earth from the center of the sun is 150,000,000 km. Write this number in scientific notation. Do not write any zeros after the 5.
To determine how fast Mercury rotates, we use radar. Suppose a radio wave traveling at the speed of light (3.00 108 m/s) travels from Earth to Mercury when they are9.17 1010 m apart.
(a) How many seconds does it take the radio wave to travel from Earth to Mercury?
(b) How many minutes is this?
(a) Earth’s radius is 6.4 106 m. Mars’ radius is 3.4 106 m. How many times larger is Earth’s radius than Mars’ radius? (Round to nearest integer.)

(b) Moon’s radius is 1.7 106 m. How many times larger is Earth’s radius than Moon‘s radius? (Round to nearest integer.)

(c) Earth’s diameter is 2 times its radius (or 1.28 107 m). Moon’s distance from Earth is 3.8 108 m. How many Earth diameters could be laid side by side between Earth and Moon? (Round to nearest integer.)

Express each of the fixed numbers in scientific notation:
a. 73,000 =
b. 0.00022 =

Express each quantity using a metric prefix:
a. 50,000 V =
b. 25,000,000 Ω = Ω
c. 0.036 A =
a. Convert 0.15 mA to μA

b. Convert 4500 μV to mV

c. Convert 47,000 pF to μF

Express each of the following as a quantity having a metric prefix:

a. 31 x 10−3 A =

b. 5.5 x 103 V =

c. 20 x 10−12 F =

d. 3.3 x 106 Ω = Ω

Determine the following:

a. The number of microapers in 1 miliampere

b. The number of milivolts in 0.05 kilovolt

c. The number of megaohms in 0.02 kilohms

d. The number of kilowatts in 155 miliwatts

How many coulombs of charge do
50 × 1031
electrons possess?


How many electrons does it take to make 80 μC of charge?

×10 electrons

Five hundred joules of energy are used to move an electric charge 100 C through a resistor. What is the voltage across the resistor?

V = V

Assume that a solar battery charger delivers 2.5 J of energy when 0.2 C of charge has been moved.

a.What is the voltage? V = V

b.If the solar cell has moved the charge in 10 s, what is the current?
I = A

How long does it take 20 C to flow past a point if the current is 10 A?

How many coulombs pass a point in 3 s when the current is 42 mA?

The picture bellow shows color-coded resistors. Determine the resistance value and the tolerance of each.

A. R = Ω Tolerance =

B. R = Ω Tolerance =

C. R = Ω Tolerance =

If you need a 270 Ω resistor with 5% tolerance, what color bands should you look for?

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In the picture, what does each voltmeter indicate when the switch (SW) is in position 1? In position 2?

Position 1
V1 =
V2 =
Position 2
V1 =
V2 =

If 450 × 1015 electrons flow through a speaker wire in 150 ms, what is the current in amperes? The elctron electric charge is
1.6 × 10−19 C I = A